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Installed at First Church between 1893 and 1916, the memorial stained glass windows were the result of Dr. Howard Duffield’s vision to brighten the sanctuary. On the church’s north side, the windows depict “literary elements in the Holy Scriptures.” The south side’s windows reflect the interests of the donors, presenting historical figures who influenced Protestantism.

Throughout the sanctuary you will also find plaques and tablets in loving tribute to prominent members of our church community.

Balcony Windows
View of the South side Balcony Windows
Zodiac Windows
One of two Zodiac Windows just inside the main entrance to the church were designed, constructed and erected by Jessie Van Brunt in recognition of the tenth anniversary of Dr. Moldenhawer’s pastorate, and to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Presbytery of New York, which occurred on May 8th, 1938.
The Reformation, represented by Martin Luther
Presented by Mrs. William R. Hersey in memory of Marcia Pennell Hersey and Arthur Temple Hersey, her mother and brother. Designed by Charles Lamb.
Peter Waldo
Reverend and Mrs. Franklin B. Dwight donated this Maitland Armstrong window depicting Peter Waldo, leader of a 12th century group which was a forerunner to Protestantism, in honor of Elder James Lenox.
The Huguenots
The Huguenots, represented by Gaspard de Coligny, Admiral of France, later converted to Protestantism, and the first victim to perish in the Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Day. This window by Maitland Armstrong was presented by Dr. Benjamin G. Demarest in memory of Mary C. Demarest and Daniel Demarest.
The Scotch Presbyterians
The Scotch Presbyterians, represented by St. Columba, Irish missionary to Northern Scotland about 563. Presented by Mrs. Emily H. Moir, in memory of her husband, William Moir, who was Treasurer and Elder of the church. Designed by Tiffany Studios.
Isaiah, Representing the Prophets
Presented by Eugene McJimsey, in memory of one of his ancestors, Elder John Keese, 1800-9. Designed by Tiffany Studios.
Restoration of the Bell in the Tyler Tower
In 1994 the Restoration of the Bell in the Tyler Tower was dedicated to the Ministry of Harry Emerson Fosdick, influential Preacher and Pastor of First Presbyterian Church from 1919-1924.
The Rose Window
The Rose Window, high above the reredos in the back of the choir, was donated by Mrs. Robert W. de Forest.
Robert Lenox
Window 1
Window 3
Window 4
Window 5
St. Paul
The family of Elder Richard Harrison Ball donated this depiction of St. Paul, representing the Epistles, and designed by Maitland Armstrong,
St. John
St. John, representing the Gospels. (This was the first window to be installed in the church) Presented by Thomas Greenleaf, in memory of his father, Joseph Greenleaf, an Elder in the church, 1868-71. Designed by Frank Lathrop.
Choir Loft Windows
These beautiful stained-glass windows sit above the choir loft.
David, representing Sacred Psalms, was designed by Charles Lamb and donated by Mrs. Hersey in honor of her father, a church elder.
Moses, representing the Law. Presented by the Young People’s Society, in memory of its founder and first president, Mr. Algernon Sidney Sullivan. Designed by Maitland Armstrong.
South Side Balcony Windows
View of the south side balcony windows
Beige and Green
North Side Balcony Windows
View of the north side balcony windows
The Alexander Memorial Chapel
Communion Table
The three seats behind the Communion Table represent the three churches that united in 1918 to create the present First Church. Below the carving of the particular church are listed the names of the pastors who served.
9/11 Memorial
In memory of those beloved to this congregation who died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001
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